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Foundation needs a HOUSE /room, 1/2 p. for 3-12 m (Utrecht)

Need of a HOUSE - or room, for 1/2 people. 3/6 months to 1 year

The LDMF Foundation is looking for a Utrecht Partner that feels in tune with our aims and would like to join our organization, by supporting our start up.

Our organization is dedicated to care for peace, culture, family, life sustainability, nature, heritage, innovation in business, education, science and technology; by observing harmony and collaboration with laws, principles, cycles and rhythms or nature, by caring for life it self through human daily life and progress. Something that human collective have not beeing doing so far. Humanity have been focusing mostly on progress, wealth, leisure, quality of living for their own, but has done that in such a way that life on the plant and own species have been placed at risk.

Our organization would like to rise awareness on the issue and suggest alternative solutions.

Our headquarters is planned to be in the city of Utrecht. Most of our members travel and may stay at the city some months.

Our partner in Utrecht should be able to provide accommodation, internet for at least 1 of our members for continues 3 months, or set later on an ideal agreement of one year.

We are looking for reducing our start up expenses, so our ideal deal is trade, benefits for our partners, training, coaching, consultancy, or participation as team member in any of our projects

You may provide, offer us accommodation for free, trade, or special fees.

More details about us:
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The LDMF Foundation has a long story of projects done in Europe and SOuthermerica.

Contact us to: Protected content

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