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Great restaurants along Oudegracht:Recommendations (Utrecht)

Tripadvisor do exist but I'd love to hear opinions of Utrecht residents AND restaurant customers.

I hear something like "too touristy, I don't eat in that area..." the few times I asked Utrecht residents. This is central area between Lange Vistraat & Gaardbrug. I'm guessing a lot of visitors/tourists probably fill those places.

You know, especially on a very nice day, I'm still tempted to give them a try to enjoy the sun & hopefully great food - for hard working great restaurants, I want to give my support. There must be some that we could collectively bubble-up.

"Great" means at whatever price point, you were happy with the whole experience (quality food, service etc). These are places where you'd confidently take your friends/visitors and you'd go back again as repeat customers.

I'd love to hear your recommendation(s).

Thank you

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