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Move to Utrecht - suggestions, feedback, ideas?!

Hi there,

We are moving back to the Netherlands with my husband's work, and will probably be there for a year or so. We have lived in Amsterdam twice before, and also Den Haag, but it looks like this time we may be moving to Utrecht.

We have two children and were hoping to get them into the British School in Amsterdam, and basing ourselves there again, but, unfortunately, for my youngest 6 year old, there are no places left. :-(

However, we've found out that they are opening a new international school in Utrecht in August, so on the back of that information, and having found out that there are places in the teeny weeny new school, we are considering moving there instead, as it would only be a 15 min train ride to work for my husband.

My big dilemma though, admittedly loving the wild side of Amsterdam, the quirky and strange of sin city, is how will we find life in Utrecht?

Of course I know it is much quieter but I am hoping that we will still meet some fun, eclectic, international people there!

Is there anyone living in Utrecht who could let me know more about life there?!

Would hugely appreciate any feedback!


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