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Women Volunteers - Women Menstruation Cycle Study (Utrecht)


I am preparing a new publication for which i need the collaboration of women. For some years now i have shared with women and couples how to utilize the 9 elements for empowering their love relationships, based on the study of the moon/menstruation cycle and the changes that it imply in particular for women, but also for men in a relationship with a woman, or women in relationship with each other.

I must add here, that men also have a cycle, and both men and women, synch with the sun as well as with the moon, but also with own inner core. There is so much consciousness and self-awareness can do, as wel emotional self-management, when the information turns to be visible, yet also our subconscious self is fully immersed in the experience of our primal nature.

In order to learn and communicate on both cycles, sun and moon, and between men and women cycle, the chart i developed is extremely helpful, which serves for a deeper understanding of the forces that influences the love relationship and enhance the ability, advance skills, necessary for love relationship sustain ability.

The e-Book i am writing will share about and suggest new insight into moon and sun, but inner core, and cocreation in love.

I would like to set real examples on how to utilize these tools, based on assessment done on a number of volunteer, women.
I will be greatful for women interested to explore on their female rhythm and cycles, and the study of the 9 elements.

PROCESS, What do volunteers will do ?
The process is simple, Volunteer runs online. it is an individual process. We may have a couple of chat or skype sessions. questions and answers sessions, each of 15 min up to 45 min according to your possibilities....

later i will show you how to utilize a chart associated to your moon cycle and the 9 elements, and you can share later on how was your experience with the chart...

you can choose some of the information to be shared in the book, other to be private.

With the collaboration of the volunteers, i wish to inspire more women to use this chart and tools, also couples to empower their love relationships as well as to do advanced steps for self-knowledge and personal development.

Would be that this chart and publication associated would be shared among women circles world wide, in future, from mother to daughter.
That men would give it, suggest the use of it to their love partners, and schools will integrate it in sexual education program for teen agers.

As for many years i have been providing coaching with it, found very positive and successful results for women and couples, i think it will be nice to share it with more women and couples.

Please write me a message, for more details


I wrote along last month after my birthday, 9th september, one new book, the I CHING THETA, a study on how the i Ching, book of changes of traditional china was developed on binary code, and how to generate i CHINGS in ternary, nonary code. The meaning of the theta-grams and a new system of divination: The I CHING THETA the book of primordial changes is as well a training on perception, risk management and personal development gamified, now available for online reading at my website, for free. A complementary book is on process of being published, now on 4th chapter and 3rd edition: THe Sun, the moon and the heart book is about male and female cycle, and the art of cocreation. for this book, women volunteers are doing online assessments and supporting the process of creation of the book by sharing their experiences on the method i suggest, for self-knoeldge, self-management and personal development based on the cycles and rhythms a love relationship and individual experience.

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