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A year in Spain (Valencia)

Hi there,

I am new to this site, so please excuse any mistakes!

My family and I are currently living in Qld, Australia. We are planning on living oversea for 12 months and have chosen Valencia as our base. We are planning on arriving in late Jan, early Feb Protected content are starting to make plans. We are very excited!

I will give you a bit of background of our situation. My family consists on myself, husband and two daughters (2 & 4 yrs). We are all Australian, but I have dual citizenship with Malta (part of the EU). We have applied for dual citizenship for the rest of the family and the process is taking a lot longer than I expected. We are not planning on working, but are wanting to put the girls into School.

I guess our initial questions include:
*. Visa - from my research I don't think I will need a visa but a residence certificate, and my family can apply for a family one there Maltese citizens hips don't come through?. I believe that we get these before coming over at least 3 months before hand, is this correct and is there anything else I should know.

* schools - we would like to put our daughters into school (especially our eldest as she should be starting prep (first year of school in Qld) in Protected content . I'm guessing it would be best to put them into an international schools, the 2 yr old would go into nursery ( she will be 3 by the time we get there) and the older one will go into reception. Should we look at enrolling them before getting them or is it ok to wait until we are there.? Des anyone have any suggestions as to what school we should look at?

* housing - what suberbs should we be looking at? Can we rent furnished? What kind of rent will we be looking at?

Sorry this is so long, any help pointing us the right would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

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