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Car was towed because it's British (Valencia)



My family has been living in Spain for 4 months - less than the 6 months we have to convert our car from British to Spanish plates. We're in no rush to do so, because my husband's work contract (as a teacher) is temporary, and although he was told that he wouldn't be paid over the summer, he was also told that he would be able to collect unemployment. This is untrue, and we can't afford 2 1/2 months with no income, so we are seriously considering leaving Spain.

In any case, whilst at the beach with a friend and my 3-year-old son yesterday, parked in a completely free and legal area (verified by many locals, too), I returned dismayed to find our Protected content that is held together by gaffer tape had been stolen. Then I saw a sticker on the pavement with my plate number... it had in fact been towed by the police. I went to the towing garage, and they said the reason was "turismo" and I now have to go to the police with documents. (These are 5 miles away from each other, by the way, with a 3-year-old and the pushchair was in the boot of the car).

I can't believe that this has happened! We are within our time frame of 6 months, and I did nothing wrong. I can't believe that they just took my car without leaving a ticket or a request to come to the station or anything.

Has this happened to anyone else? Are they going to make me pay for the tow, even though I didn't break any laws?

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