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Director in UK, living in Spain (Valencia)

My first post here - my family and I are wanting to move to Valencia around July this year to have a bit more of a laid back lifestyle than what London offers.
We are originally from Auckland, New Zealand so believe Valencia offers a slightly similar climate in terms of not too cold in winter, and probably warmer during rest of the year!
Also,the food and culture is what we are also looming for.

As I currently am self employed in the UK via a limited company that i owe 50% and get paid salary / PAYE, does anyone know what my tax obligations are here?
From what I have read, I would need to become self employed here, pay Protected content month into social security and declare my income from the UK to be taxed - I would register as a non tax payer in UK - does that sounds about right ?

My partner probably won't be working for a while and kids will need to go to school, died my 250/month contribution to the social system count for the families healthcare as well as their ability to go to state school ?

Thanks for any advice, and looking forward to meeting some of you in a few months time !!

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