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forced subscriptions (Valencia)

Hi every body. I subscribed on febrary for 3 monthes and now it renewed automatically for 3 others !
I asked to cancel that but no way. Here is my last message and the answer I got:

"As you said, I did signed up for 3 monthes on Feb 3, NOT 6 and I had clearly expressed that I DO NOT WANT MY SUBSCRIPTION TO BE RENEWED at that time.

So if your company really cares about the opinion of its users and does not dishonestly want to snatch involuntary subscriptions, please cancel this renewal immediately and reimburse me for any costs they have caused.
I want my subscription to be stopped immediatly and be refounded from may subscription."

" Andrada (Community Support)

May 11, Protected content , 2:22:23 PM GMT+2
Dear Thierry,

I am sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with our renewal policy. Many members view this feature positively, as it saves them the hassle of renewing their Albatross Membership manually.

Our members have a continual visual reminder of their Albatross status through the Albatross symbol found on their profile picture. You can also always see your current membership status by visiting your Membership page. From your Login & Basic data page, you can downgrade your membership from Albatross to Basic at any time before the automatic renewal takes place. Once the renewal has occurred, however, we cannot issue you with a refund.

I can confirm that your account has been successfully downgraded. At the end of your current billing cycle, you will revert to Basic Membership and your account will not be charged again."

Exactly the same template message I received previously. Thids website is a trick to male little poor money, certainly not to help expats.

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