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Help!! - mental health care near Murcia (Valencia)

Hi folks

My wife, six month old daughter and myself ( all UK citizens) have recently moved to Spain, last month, following 12 months outside the EU.

During this time my wife was diagnosed as bi-polar. I am now trying to get treatment for my wife's condition here in Spain, but encountering difficulties.

Our status here in Spain, is living, but not working, and certainly a long way from being pensioners. We are having difficulty accessing the Spanish health care system, as we seem to fall between the cracks.

We have the EHIC cards, but my understanding is that this is for emergency treatment only.

We are both maintaining our NI contributions in the UK.

I am not working at the minute, as I intend to go back to the UK in September to undertake a PGCE qualification. My wife and daughter will remain in Spain.

It is important that my wife receives treatment, but it seems that the only way to get this will be to go private.

Any help, advice or suggestions very much appreciated.


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