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How about meeting on Saturdays sometimes? (Valencia)

How about sometimes meeting on Saturday afternoon instead? I have been to one of the get-togethers and it was very enjoyable, but they always take place quite late on weekdays.

I have a 4-year old daughter and meeting up late Thursday evening requires a babysitter + the little one tends to wake around 6.30, so in order to get 8-hours sleep ... you get the picture.

I would guess that we are not the only expats with kids. If we were to have a get-together Saturday afternoon, the kids could play together while the adults could meet and chat over coffee and beers without having to worry about getting home before it gets too late.

My suggestion would be to meet at the café in Turia just opposite Alameda metro. There the kids can run around without fear of them being run over while the parents are chewing olives.

Such is my suggestion (:

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