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Pet loving homes (Valencia)

Dear all,

My ex-boyfriend had eight happy, healthy cats but he is now gone and unable to look after them. One is practically feral and has been left to her own devices. A second has been added to my six-cat family and seven is my absolute top, as I have a neighbour who has started to complain about the murdered fishes in her pond and other unsavoury intrusions.

I got a cat refuge to take his six cats together with their health cards and all the important documents but it turns out that they are butchers who charge you 30 per cat plus transport and make you sign a receipt that says thay can "euthanise them". The internet is full of reports which describe their methods as Auschwitz-like, as they are said to gas dogs shortly after their arrival.

I now have to rescue his six cats from this Valencian "Auschwitz" after work on Monday and I am desperately trying to find cat lovers or simply humane, compassionate people who will look after them, at least one of them.

Thank you all for your time and your much appreciated possible future help. Looking forward to any suggestions or offers.

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