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Relocating to Valencia (from Australia)



My husband and I (and our three toddlers, currently under 3) are looking at relocating from Melbourne to Valencia within the next five years. We plan on renting our home here and moving for a minimum of 12 months in order to experience the lifestyle, test the waters with employment and really just see whether we fit in with the community there.

We speak both English and Spanish fluently (both raised in Spanish speaking homes, both born in Melbourne). I am a CPA, currently Financial Controller with a boutique construction firm, and am looking into gaining my CELTA prior to the move. My husband works in IT data security for a large corporate.

We live very comfortably here, and the greatest concern for us, at this planning stage, is that our standard of living may fall. We assume our salaries here will not be matched in Spain, therefore our savings will likely begin to diminish.

Having said that, we both yearn to live in Spain. We would like our children raised in Spain. We have considered both Madrid and Mallorca as alternatives to Valencia. At this stage, actual location is undecided, but Valencia is at the top of our list.

As far as employment goes, how likely would it be we could gain employment within our fields of study? Are CPA/IT jobs fairly easy to come by? Are there any english speaking corporates there? Would I be better off focusing on gaining my CELTA prior to the move and head down that path? Should we consider a complete change of lifestyle and maybe look into a business we could run ourselves?

What sort of salary would be considered sufficient to cover rent and other minor outflows?

We’d like to be self sufficient as early as possible in order to help us settle in. Once settled, we can then readdress our situation.

Any advice or information you could pass on would be most welcome.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to read through.


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