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I work with professionals, business-owners, and new entrepreneurs, to help them get real, positive, results in their life and work.

I offer COACHING in the following categories:
- Growing or improving your existing business
- Developing a new business venture
- Managing or building your career
- Achieving personal development goals
- Making meaningful progress in a life transition / situation

I also offer CONSULTING services for more hands-on assistance in the analysis/implementation of specific business objectives.

Together, we will first clarify your situation, then play with ideas, strategize your best solutions, and plot manageable next steps to achieving your objective.

We will make it effective, empowering, and fulfilling - but in a warm, fun, and completely confidential environment.

Please feel free to contact me for a FREE consultation on your particular coaching or consulting topic. I work in person and over Skype (ID: nvujosevic).

Warmest wishes,

Nev Vujosevic
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I have two degrees in psychology (organizational & social), with a background in business/organizational strategy, growth, and management (in the corporate & non-profit sectors), and considerable international experience (US, Europe, Asia Pacific). But most importantly, I have achieved real results, personally and professionally, and believe in the power of others to do the same.

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