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Advice for a Swede that wants to move to Vancouver

Hi all!

I'm a 38 year old Swedish guy that decided to try to move to Canada and settled on Vancouver. I basically just want something new and Vancouver seems like an awesome city to live in. I really got my mind set on Canada.

My plan is to go there for Protected content and get the "feel" for the city/country. And if I like it, and it likes me, try to stay but I don't really know where to start.

I guess it's easier to get a workers permit if you have a job offer. But on the other hand it's probably hard to get a job offer if I don't already have a workers permit? Is it hard to find a place to live in Vancouver? For me it would work to just rent a room somewhere to start with.

I work as a Web developer with Protected content experience so I don't think I would have that big of a problem finding a job though.

Anyone here that can point me in the right direction on where to start, it would be much appreciated!

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