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Advice on moving to Canada (Vancouver)


Well, this seems to be a popular topic! :) I've checked out the websites and done my research on visas, but I'm more interested in what advice Canadians can offer on the general day-to-day living in Canada (Vancouver/BC specifically, but Manitoba would be good too), as in how cheap/expensive it is, how strong the economy is, how easy/difficult it is to find a job, how bad the winters really are....just to start. :) The reason I ask? I'm thinking of moving, would really love to, but have had a rather negative response from people who live in Canada, about how expensive it is and how difficult it is to get there and find work. I was just wondering what others thought.

Also, I have my own gardening business here, and I'm a wildlife/nature photographer. I say I'm professional for both because I get paid for both, but I have no certificates to say I can do those things. Will that be a problem? I'm also going to get my personal trainer's certificate next week (when I've saved up for the course!) - will that make any difference at all to moving or not? I mean will it make a better chance or not. Sorry if this has already been talked about, and thanks in advance for any help.


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