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Australia to Vancouver

Hi all!

Nice to meet you. I'm Jasmine from Australia. I am very new to this site so bare with me! I felt that beginning this forum was an appropriate place to start as I have numerous questions if any one or many are able to answer or shed some advice on the following topics I would very much appreciate and appropriate responses or links for useful information!

Though no dates are set I plan to relocate myself and my two year old daughter over to Vancouver on a working visa. I am curious to know if hospitality jobs are easy to come by in Vancouver and neighbouring suburbs? I have 6 years experience working a variety of roles from managing restraunts to kitchen hand work. Also to get an idea of the financial side of things what is the average wage in such an industry?

As I have my daughter in toe, it is not ideal for us to share with someone or rent a room. Our own space is required. Is it feasible to set up a place of residency prior to relocating? Furthermore, can you rent properties on a working visa and what price range would I be looking at? We could suffice with a cosy one bedroom. As I do not drive , being located to transport is ideal. What areas would best suit such circumstances?

Would it be cheaper and better to hire a nanny for my daughter or enrol her into childcare? By the time we move she may be 2.5/3yrs old. I am unsure of the full length of working visas policies and if it allows me to enrol her into government recognized establishments. And, of course the cost side of things. How much do the two differ?

For now, that is all. Thank you kindly for viewing and I do hope to read some responses!
Thanks again!

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