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Burnaby Mountain could be the place for you!! (Vancouver)

It is Wednesday May 18th and the weather is beautiful. We are finally getting a break from all the rain and getting the chance to really enjoy this beautiful place that we live in.

Not long now before the big move. We have sold our place on Commercial Drive and are setting up home in University Crescent at Simon Fraser on Burnaby Mountain. Sooooo looking forward to it as it will mean more space (from 681sq Protected content and in a seven year old concrete building. We have really enjoyed living on the drive but are definitely ready for a change. When you both work from home , love to have visitors and people round then it is very important to get the space you need.

I am hugely impressed with what is happening up there. The quality of the developments and the low impact sustainable community planning is fantastic. So much so that they are leading the way in many areas of community planning and development for the future. I had an inspection done from a very reputable company, Douville, here in Vancouver. Gary the inspector was hugely impressed with the quality and standard of the development and how much care and attention that went into the details. Details that often get overlooked by so many other projects.

Of course the bang for your buck compared to the city is extraordinary. In the end I managed to get this place for $369,250. You would hardly get a lick of a stamp in the city for this quality at this price. The place also has a gym and a recreational/meeting room. Loads of assigned and guest underground parking and storage lockers. There is also a great bonus to living on this university land. You qualify for subsidised travel at around $30 per month for all three zones. For $100 annually you have access to all Simon Fraser facilities. How incredible is that.

So for all you people out there who are stressed about how expensive the city is and having to compromise all the time, think again. Commuting ain't that bad as you can read, listen to music, work etc. on the way. Most other people around the world do it and it isn't a problem. The payback is worth it for the quality of home life and value for money. Give it a try. You know you want to!!!

If you would like more information or would like to check it out, let me know and I will be there. Protected content

Take care


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