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Business Management Assistant is looking for a job (Vancouver)

Hello everybody, I am a new Immigrant to Canada and back in Vancouver since January Protected content . I am happy here and couldn't imagine to move back to Germany. I got my PR card in May Protected content since then I'm looking for a job in Vancouver. My background is Industrial Business Management Assistant, one of Germanys best educational dual programs you can take, if you are lucky to get it. I worked full time in an international refrigeration compressor producing company in combination with business school. After 3 years taking this program, I successfully graduated in Protected content . At the beginning of Protected content came on a holiday working visa to Canada to expand my english skills and to discover this beautiful country. Through privat reasons I decided towards the end of this experience (1 year) to immigrate to Canada but first I had to go back to Germany. After working for a short time as an Adminsitrative Assistant back in Germany, I organized everything for my return to Canada. In January Protected content 11 month back in Germany I finally came back to Vancouver. I visited the International Language Schools and took an internship as a Market Researcher in a Business Consulting Company. After my study visum expired I wasn't able to study in Canada and due to our application for my PR card I wasn't able to leave Canada. I had to wait many month until I finally received my PR card and be able to work over here again. At the beginning I tried getting a job within my field of interest but thorough the month I started to apply for other opportunities as well, including hospitality industry. Unluckely I haven't had any luck yet. I started a selfemployment opportunity in July Protected content could lead to a succesfull business within a couple of years but of course their is a risk like in any other selfemployment business. Now I am looking for a part time job for my further career and to gain Canadian job experience. I find it really challenging for a young man who hasn't had much of work experience to find the right job in another country. I am sure I would be able to adopt to the Canadian job culture easily but where is my given chance? Privately, I couldn't be happier but the bitter taste of not finding a job is starting to put me down a little bit especially since I have been so close to get a job just recently. I would be more than happy if you have any recommandations or advises. If you want to talk to me in person you can always Email me: Protected content . I can send you my number anytime but don't want to publish it here. I hope that networking really works out for a non proffessional, who took this giant challenge to start a new life in Canada. I am not not willing to give up and I won't go back to Germany :)

Best regards,
Sebastian Brack

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