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I'd like to stay, but... (Vancouver)


I came from Holland to Ottawa in April Protected content a Working Holiday Program. I've worked there for 6 months and moved to Vancouver in February Protected content . Now I'm here, and looking for a job, but unfortunately my Working Holiday has expired and I now only have a visitor visa. I cannot get into the same program again due to restrictions for Dutch citizens.

I really want to stay in Canada, I've been getting job interviews and even offers but whenever I tell potential employers that I would need a work permit they lose all interest.

Does anyone have experience with my situation? Is there any other way to get a work permit? It doesn't look like I'm eligible for an open work permit when I fill out the questionnaire on the CIC website.

One more piece of info, my girlfriend is from here and I would be eligible to apply for the family plan residency. However, that'd take 18 months and costs close to $1,000.00 which I can't afford right now because I'm unemployed. The plan is to get this as soon as I start getting an incoming cash flow.


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