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Looking for a post-doctoral position in eHealth (Vancouver)

Hello everybody,

I am Austrian, currently in Vancouver looking for a new job in research or a related field. (The job does not have to be in Vancouver, any place in Canada would be fine.) I am looking for a post-doctoral position at a university as these positions are labour market opinion exempt. (I have applied for permanent residence, but while I am waiting I still need a work permit. This is why I think a post-doc is my best bet, however I am open to hearing other suggestions / opinions.)

If you know about any opportunities (see below for information about the specific area I am interested in) or have ideas of who I could turn to or are in the same situation and want to share your experiences, I would love to hear from you!

Many thanks and best wishes

Research area:
My background is in informatics and sociology. I use ethnographic case studies and qualitative methods (participant observation, interviews) to study the use of computer in different work settings. Most recently, my focus was on the use of electronic medical records (EMR) in primary health care.
My research answers questions like: How are EMR systems used? How do work practices of doctors and other personnel change? How can EMR systems be designed to be more useful? What organizational adaptations are necessary?
For my future work I would love to extend my focus on health information technologies. In addition to my previous work this may include software designed for patients, computers in hospitals, telehealth solutions, etc. Having said that and being aware that this might be too narrow, I am open to other research areas as well...

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