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Looking for advice from someone who has done it (Vancouver)

Hi, all. I am an American with a good deal of experience living and working abroad. I have been in America over the last several years growing my career, and I think that I would like to move into the next phase of my life in either Vancouver or somewhere else in BC.

I am just interested in talking to someone who has been there before. When I worked in Europe, I was young and it was not the most official thing I've ever done in terms of my work status. Now that I have more of a professional career, I am wondering what the process is like with moving from America to Canada.

I am an attorney in good standing with multiple bars in the USA. My current employer has an office in Vancouver, but not one that does legal work, so I probably wouldn't want to transfer there and start a new career. I know that I can become part of the BC Legal Society, but I'm not sure I could practice while this is going on. I think one thing that might be going in my favor is that I am in-house and would like to stay that way.

So, yeah, I don't think I have many specific questions. I'd just like to know how people found jobs in BC, went to interviews, how they were able to work there, etc., and specifically if there are any lawyers from America who made the jump and practice in BC now, I'd really like to pick your brain. In general, my wife and I love this area and think it would be a much better fit for the lifestyle we desire. I'd be really interested to hear some of your thoughts and experiences and I really appreciate any feedback in advance!


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