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Moving to Vancouver

Hello Vancouver! I am considering relocating to your beautiful city and would appreciate any insight you might have that could help me.

I have started my Express Entry profile, but evidently I need more information. I am waiting for my MBA degree to be assessed in Canada, and I will then re-submit my application. I did already pass the IELTS language test with high marks in May.

Professionally, I am in a mid-career transition from corporate management to human capital specialist. One of my biggest talents is to quickly analyze situations, operations, and organizational culture then design / implement projects to enhance productivity, retention, and human capital. I also manage organizational change well. I love working with people, and I bring a lot to the table that can be used to really develop and help others. I have a dual-MBA in Human Capital Management / International Business and hold certifications as a TEFL instructor and Microsoft support professional as well as in HACCP and in coffee.

Personally, I love multiculturalism. I have traveled throughout North and Central America as well as extensively in Europe. French is my second language, and I can converse in several others. I am also on the Board of Directors for Alliance Francaise in my city, helping to coordinate events and membership. My passions include:

- Human Relations
- Languages and Culture
- Continuing Education
- Performing and Visual Arts
- Ancient and Medieval History
- Theoretical Science
- Philosophy
- Aviation (private pilot)
- Boating / Sailing

Vancouver strikes me as a thriving, multicultural city in which I can truly explore my passions, be in touch with nature, and interact with dynamic people. In short, I believe I can do and be my best in Vancouver. Therefore, I will do whatever it takes to pave the path to this goal.

If you have any suggestion or advice for me, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am already looking for employment, but it is difficult remotely (I am willing to visit in advance for interviews, etc.). My resume / CV is available at Protected content . I'd love to hear what you'd have to say for someone in my shoes...

See you soon!

Peter Swank

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