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Steve Nash Fitness - AWESOME for InterNations ! (Vancouver)

Hello everyone !

As a membership representative for Steve Nash Fitness in Norh Vancouver, let me kindly provide you some details in regards of this fantastic (maybe the best) club including reason why I posted here this kind of advertisement.

Why I created this ticket? Because I believe, that everybody needs to take care about his life style regardless he came here forever or just for 24,12,6 or even 1 month ! If you like your body and you want to take care about it, you shouldn’t skip your activities even you are just on holiday, no excuse, isn’t it?

Who wants to keep his body condition you have my highest encouragement and I have a gift for you !

Who cames to Vancouver as a Rock and don’t want to come back as Skeleton Warrior please contact me, because I want to keep you healthy and in shape ;-)

And because I love all international / InterNations ppl I can provide you:

STEVE NASH – 18 locations and growing, awesome service and facilities
- 8 DAY PASS for all Vancouver locations without time limit, you can almost sleep there ! :-)
- 8 DAYS unlimited access to all services and facilities
- Fitness, swimming pool, group sessions (zumba, yoga, cardio etc…) body condition test for free, tennis courts, foam rolling training, spa zone, jacuzzi and much more...

MEMBERSHIP – InterNations holds together, right ? ! How can I help you?
- Regular price 45 CAD / month = around 10 beers, 4 meals in restaurant, whatever… so cheap right?
- If not so? Of course the price can be negotiated otherwise I don’t write it here, it depends on current promotion and because I work there and I love you, I can provide you the best prices ever – over and beyond !
- No excuses, no hidden benefits, the best will be on the table right away, take it or leave it, that’s it.

I believe, that accessibility and credibility of membership in Steve Nash has no discussion, obtain a lot of benefits, can keep your body condition, get into the shape, help with your fitness results or change your LIFE !

It never ever been easiest to join this club than this days.

Who is interested for at least a visit of the club, just let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you Thank you !

Daniel - No Pain No Gain
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