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US expats/voters: 2012 Presidential Election (Vancouver)

US VOTERS: your absentee ballot for the Protected content election will not be delivered automatically to your mailboxes, as has been the case in previous federal elections. To receive a ballot, you have to register asap at Protected content .

The U.S. Protected content and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act requires that U.S. voters living outside the country to re-register for every Federal election.

With up to one millions Americans living in Canada, and many in the Vancouver area, a significant proportion of U.S. voters are impacted by MOVE.

Absentee ballots are especially important in close elections. Minnesota Senator Al Franken and Alaskan Senator Mark Begich are just two politicians elected as a result of the difference made by absentee ballots.

Expats who wish to volunteer for an awareness and registration drive can contact:
Heidi Burch, Director of Volunteer Services at Democrats Abroad Canada, Victoria Chapter at Protected content or Dr. Giles Hogya, DAC Vice-Chair and Chair, Victoria Chapter at Protected content .

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