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Vancouver - Still Suitable For Young Relocation?

Hi there Internations Vancouverites,

I'd like to reach out for your help and expert opinions on how the city is for young professionals and young families. My girlfriend and I are considering relocating from Asia to Vancouver this coming summer with our dog, however, I am finding a lot of advice online that the city has become outrageously expensive, job opportunities are dwindling, and that it can be hard to meet people.

In your experience, are any of these things true?

Obviously, life will always be what one makes of it, but it would be greatly helpful to hear some past experiences for some perspective!

I am a US citizen self-employed in web development, she is a Taiwanese native with teaching background.

Any other advice on how to live on a modest salary, apartment hunting, job boards, etc.. would also be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone has specific experience with a self-employment visa process for a US citizen/ company I would be very grateful to hear about your process.

Thanks so much!

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