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Vancouver, the most livable city in the world?


Hello everyone,

Given most of us in this forum currently live in Vancouver, city that was ranked, yet again, by The Economist as the most livable place in the world in Protected content , I thought it would be pertinent to start a healthy debate about this topic. (For further details on the subject, please go to: Protected content

I am very intrigued by what other people reckon about this as most of us had the fantastic chance to live not only here in Vancouver but also in other places around the world. Therefore, I am confident you will all have a relatively objective basis of comparison; otherwise, try to be as objective as possible when sharing your feedback with us.

To put it shortly, according to your personal experience in the cities you have previously lived in or visited, would you agree to say that Vancouver really is the most livable place in the world? If not, what other cities would you say deserve Vancouver’s 1st place and why?


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