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I write this for my best friend, not for me: I repeat, this thread is not about me. But my friend is in an emergency situation and she has no time to register in the website and wait for the 24-hour confirmation...

She is moving to Vancouver, catching a flight from Frankfurt today. She is arriving to Vancouver on the 13th of June in the afternoon. She had rented a room in a share apartment, but now the "host" is not answering her messages and she has no place to stay. I am afraid she's been a victim of fraud.

So please, if somebody can host her for the night of the 13th of June so she can have a place to crash while she sorts out her situation, I (and she) would be very very thankful.

Her name is Sonia, she's from Barcelona, age 23. Calm, respectful and friendly. Please contact her via: Protected content or at her phone number Protected content

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