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1 out of 4 young Canadian cannot find work after graduating from college/university, but we all know the actual unemployment rate in Canada is even worse than it looks on paper.

Many jobless young Canadians feel that job hunting locally/nationwide is the only career path, but it is not true since there are job openings and career opportunities all over the world.
One of the most popular job is ESL related works, (require only university education or equivalency of TESOL/TEFL training), which provide not only an cultural immersion experience for the young minds, but also important financial incentives for young Canadians to pay back student loan and to maintain a good standard of living; also more often than not, two years after entering the career, our Canadian expats can make close to or higher than the average annual income of $27,600 in Canada.

But gurus at SCLACA also remind young Canadians, while the opportunities are tempting, there are tricks and traps when it comes job hunting internationally, and financial rewards should not be the only factor in their decision makings.
And In the past three years, while SCLACA guided numbers of individuals succeeded their international working experiences, especially working in China, we also heard stories about how those tried to find job and adapt to China on their own had failed miserably.

And to share our know-how and comprehensive understanding of China, and the Chinese business culture, with our fellow Canadian jobseekers are the key reasons that urge SCLACA to make the initiative of a series of FREE tutorials/shot films on “How to successfully land a teaching job in China” (title to be determined), so that every young Canadian can have access to these informational resources should they want to work overseas in China.

Production Goals
Informative tutorials/shot films
Ten Protected content tutorials/shot films that covers everything jobseekers should know about job hunting overseas
Appealing to young Canadians, male and female, age 19 to 35
Within a budget of CAD 500
Production Hardware list
Canon 6D (lenses: Sigma 50mm F1.4 Art Series, Canon Protected content F4)
Sony A Protected content Protected content F3.5-5.6)
Zoom H5 Field Recorder
Sony PCM-M10 Field Recorder
Rode Videomic Pro
Rode Smartlav Plus
Homemade Boom (with cheap monopod)
Green/Black/White Backdrops
Benro A48TBS4 Video Monopod
Generic Tripod

Job Requirements
So far we only have an idea, No crew, No cast, and No idea how to transform our idea into reality, and this is the greatest challenge and reward for this project
We need a team leader, ideally a dedicated director/produce, who can pull off this production given the challenges and under-resource limitations
Prior directing/producing experiences are nice, but passion and creativity in filmmaking and making positive changes in the lives of others are musts.
The final production will be appealing to young Canadians, and as professionally produced as possible, but within the budget.

Contact us at Protected content if you are up to the challenge of making a positive difference in the lives of thousands of unemployed young Canadians.

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