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Career Concerns (Victoria)

Job worries affect us all thanks to the state of the global economic climate and the fact that there is seemingly no loyalty in business anymore…however, for expats moving to a new country where they are unaware of potential career opportunities, the concerns are likely to be far higher.

Exacerbating the issue is the fact that expats are on their own abroad when it comes to earning an income and supporting their family – where they may perhaps have felt they had the safety net of a social system or family and friends to call on if they lost their job ‘back home.’

Some expats move abroad because of work, but they too can worry that if the job does not work out they may struggle to find alternative employment.

Expats can do a certain amount of research in advance of a relocation to determine the types of employers and the types of jobs available in their new location, they can also look at the economy of their new nation and use this as a basic indicator of how buoyant the jobs pool may be currently and in the near-term.

Expats can also hook up with other professionals in their new nation thanks to business specific social networks. As a result they can ask specific questions about their industry, and determine whether they need to skill up in any particular area to enhance their career prospects for example.

Researching in advance and ensuring you have the best skill-set available is about the best an expat can do to alleviate some of the concern that relates to career prospects abroad.

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