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Cultural Adaptation (Victoria)

A quarter of all expats surveyed were worried about adapting to their new nation because of potential cultural differences – with expats in the likes of the UAE and Asia particularly worried about this issue. Where religions differ greatly there can be huge cultural differences for example, and where traditions are so alien to your own it can be really hard to see how you can ever fit in.

The fact of the matter is, understanding local traditions, laws, acceptable moral behaviour, history and religion is entirely possible even if only on an academic level. I.e., you can get to grips with the culture in any nation even if you don’t want to adapt to it to fully integrate. And in making the effort to at least understand the citizens among whom you are now living, you will reach a level of comfort and integration that is acceptable to you.

Expats in certain key nations do tend to socialise with and integrate more with fellow expats because the local culture is so alien and literally foreign to them…whereas those who move to Europe, Australia and North America for example find it very easy to adapt to the new nation and the new culture.

In making the effort to understand more about your new country you will find it much easier to live there and settle in, even if you don’t change your religion, beliefs, personal and familial traditions and so on.

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