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Doing Business in Canada (Victoria)

Doing Business in Canada is designed to give business executives, counsel and potential investors from foreign countries a concise overview of Canada’s legal and economic framework and key business legislation. For those looking to pursue business opportunities in Canada, this guide outlines several unique aspects of doing business in Canada, including French language requirements in the province of Québec as well as overlapping regulatory jurisdiction among various levels of government in certain areas of the law. With few exceptions, the same considerations apply to Canadians who live, work and conduct business in Canada.

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Each chapter provides you with an overview of a particular subject and the laws most likely to affect your business decisions. Beginning with an introduction to Canada’s legal system as it applies to businesses, the guide includes an introduction to Canada’s tax system, the pensions and retirement savings landscape in Canada, foreign investment considerations, competition law, and details on doing business in Québec, to name a few topics.

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