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InterNations? What’s it All About? (Victoria)

As stated, InterNations is all about ‘connecting global minds’ and bringing internationally minded individuals together. In the online communities members can get advice about a new location, they can gain insight into what it’s really like to work in a given country, they can hook up, make friends and even arrange to meet up.

As all expats know, integration into a new life in a new nation is only possible with support – and to gain the support you need when you move abroad you have to make a consistent and concerted effort to meet people, and re-establish the social network you had ‘back home’ before you relocated.

Before it was a case of trial and error – attempting to meet people in random social situations. Now you can carefully select those you want to meet up with based on previous interaction online on the forums – and/or you can attend an InterNations hosted event in your community and meet up with potentially hundreds of like-minded people in a very relaxed and sociable setting.

There are seven main streams to this dedicated expatriate social community – and you’re invited to take a guided tour to learn more…they are: -

- Local community – where you can become part of the expat community in your town and benefit from the support of local ambassadors
- Expat network – where you can reach out and find other expats on your wavelength
- Ambassadors and local scouts – from whom you can gain valuable tips and advice – no matter where in the world you live or want to live
- Forums and groups – where you can connect to others and talk about the topics you’re interested in, or find and chat to expats in your community or even from your old home nation
- Guides and information – where you can find everything from a directory for your local city to expat country guides
- Events and activities – here you can set up an event or find out what’s happening in your neck of the woods – and get involved
- Partner offers – where selected third party companies offer members discounts and benefits

Currently you have to apply for membership to access all the features of the website – with basic membership offered for free. A paid up member of course benefits from additional advantages, but everyone can access the site and begin learning more about how InterNations can connect expats everywhere.

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