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Moving to Victoria

It’s easy to see why many expats are considering moving to Victoria. Its combination of new world experiences and old world charm make it a city that appeals to many. Get expat advices for your relocation to Victoria, from the climate to finding accommodation in this guide!

About Victoria

Capital of British Columbia, Canada, Victoria is located off Canada's Pacific coast on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. The city has a population of just over 80,000, and for quality of life Victoria often ranks in the top twenty of world cities. Colorful gardens, afternoon tea and heritage architecture mixed with new and authentic dining experiences, a wide choice of outdoor activities and great nightlife make Victoria the city to be in.

The Climate in Victoria

Boasting both the driest summers and the mildest climate in Canada, Victoria gets around 308 rain free days every year.

Spring - When the majority of Canada is covered in snow, spring can arrive early in Victoria; sometimes even in February.

Summer - Dry and comfortably warm with a constant offshore breeze, summer in Victoria is great for taking advantage of all the outdoors has to offer.

Fall - Usually arriving in late September, the fall changes the color within the city. Trees, golf courses, and lawns submit their own added warmth to Victoria.

Winter - Whilst Victoria has more than 308 dry days on average each year, the rainfall it does receive comes during January, February and March.

Finding Accommodation in Victoria

Many expats choose to rent when they move to a new country. This gives them time to get used to their new neighborhood. Rent for a one bedroom apartment ranges from 850 CAD for an apartment located outside the center to 1,160 CAD for a city center apartment.

Properties to rent or buy can be found in local newspapers and online: for example Craigslist or UsedVictoria. Property to buy can be found on Pembertonholmes and Sutton.

The neighborhoods in Victoria have their own individual charm and character, which makes them very desirable places for expats to live. Each neighborhood is designed for active living, and housing in Victoria is affordable and located close to parks, schools, shops and leisure activities.

There are too many neighborhoods in Victoria to mention, so there are just a few of the more notable areas:

Burnside Gorge

Home to around 6,000 people, this neighborhood also has a lot of Victoria’s industrial and commercial property. Distribution centers, a regional shopping center, hotels and car dealerships are just a few of the businesses located there.


This is a neighborhood that is home to young families and many artists.

James Bay 

Located south of downtown, James Bay is a diverse and vibrant neighborhood. The active local community lives in a wide variety of houses, which include heritage homes, apartments and multi-family housing. The ‘Five Corners’ is the heart of the neighborhood and is filled with local services and shops. There are also two schools that serve the residents there.

Victoria West 

A dynamic neighborhood that, as well as having both single and multi-family housing has industrial, commercial and retail buildings.

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