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Any idea????? (Vienna)

Dear Vienna Internations Members,
Let me introduce myself.
I'm new in Vienna and I hope to stay here long time.
If I have to describe myself, I would use the definition: "I have the simplest tastes. So, I am always satisfied with the Best" (Oscar Wilde)
In my case, this means that I'm intelligent, open-minded and ready for new challenges. At the same time, I must quickly find a job...
I have extensive experience in event management, advertising, public relations and media, but at this moment I could work something more unpretentious and simple of course...
From a personal assistant to a tourist guide and from the fashion industry to the hotels and restaurants business. Or... something else
I do not want to bore you more with me.
Just would like to say that I would be extremely grateful if someone could offer me a good idea!!!
Thank you in advance!!!!

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