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Art Exhibition at the Embassy of Japan in Austria (Vienna)

Please join my solo exhibition "Far from Home" at the Embassy of Japan in Vienna. The opening reception is going to be starting at 6:30pm on March 1. It will be showing from March 1 to 15. If you cannot make it to the opening reception, still Please stop by whenever it is convenient for you.

Japan Information and Cultural Center
Schottenring 8, Vienna, Austria
March Protected content , 2019
Gallery hours: Monday to Friday, 9: Protected content
Opening reception: Friday, March 1, 18:30~

Vienna, the golden city, the city of music and art, is one of the most alluring metropolis in the world. People come to Vienna to improve their lives, expand their horizons, and seek new op- portunities. Some of them have to overcome a great number of difficulties in order to reach it. Nevertheless, they arrive in Vienna with their dreams and hopes intact.
I started this project in spring Protected content , when I was an artist-in- residence at the Academy of Fine Arts,Vienna. I interviewed 16 people who all came to Vienna from abroad, including students, refugees and immigrants. They came from Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Kosovo, Palestine, Ghana, China, Korea, Japan, Germany, Sweden, and Mexico. I asked them about their home countries and wanted to hear them speak in their native tongues.While listening to these interviews, I felt their longing for all the things that they have left behind in their native lands.
I saw connections between Vienna and my hometown of Kanazawa. In particular, I noticed that Vienna’s interiors and exteriors overflow with golden ornamental patterns.This re- minded me of the famous Kanazawa gold leaf.This link between the two cities, the culturally rich golden color, left a strong mark in my mind and inspired this work.

I look forward to meeting you all.
Thank you very much!!

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