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Belgian moving to Austria (Vienna)

Hello all,

My wife and I are considering moving to Vienna. She is Mexican and I am Belgian. Most of the official procedures and requirements look straightforward enough, but I wanted to gain some inside information by asking around on here. We've had some great experiences with Internations while we were in Panama so this is a good place to start in our minds.

I have my own business which is in Panama and she will be looking for a job (preferably in fast moving consumer goods) in Vienna. I understand that the "trickiest" bit we're facing is proving our income in Austria, the rest seems pretty much a matter of showing up with our health insurance in order and me saying: Hi, I'm Belgian and I would like to live here.

My question really is: do I need to change my business to Austria or maybe open a local subsidiary? If I don't, what are the requirements for proving you are "economically self sufficient"?

Any help, even referring us onto somebody who helps expats settle in Austria for a living, will be greatly appreciated.



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