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Hey everyone!
Ever thought of learning the basics and improve your billiard skills ? I've been asked by a couple of friends to give them some lessons and thought maybe I could get some more people from Internations to join.
I play snooker as well as pool for over 20 years now of which 15 years on the competition level. Achieved 1st, 2nd, 3rd rank positions in snooker over Switzerland during the time I lived there. I also won multiple tournaments here in Austria during the time I played (Stopped competing 2 years ago)

Courses offered:
1-Snooker: Basic beginner & Advanced (Rules/Cue action/Cue ball control/Approach to the game/break building)
2-Pool: Relatively a very easy game if you learn the above (Snooker)

I am currently in & out of Vienna on monthly basis so dates will be fixed accordingly, so feel free to message me with your contact details and the type of course you are interested in.


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