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Bioenergetics in Wien (Vienna)

Do you know Bioenergetics??
This field is developping at the moment, and the results are amasing,people have to know about it,...Austria is open with these natural fields....and that is smart! It can change a cleans,rebalance et regenerate the body only with natural-like frequency spectra...
Everybody should be able to understand what s happening with his or her body.
With this technology,we can have
-Overview of the body s Energetic State
Measurement of all organs (kidneys,lungs, heart...)and body systems (lymphatic, digestive, immune,...)
-Application of natural-like frequency spectra: regeneration of the body
release of substances, toxins, bacteria, old vaccines,allergens,...
restoration and harmonization of the proper functioning of the body...
It improves physical and psychological harmony and balance ...

If interested,feel free to contact me!
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