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cost of simple document notarization (Vienna)

In the States notarization of a document is easy and often free to obtain (e.g. at your bank). I need to notarize now a few letters in English to be sent stateside. I know I can use the US Consulate for this (and have in the past, all very pretty), but at 40€ per, that adds up fast!

I see elsewhere in this forum mention of "public notaries" (like this notary guy: Protected content and use of the Justiz center ( Protected content ), but can't see what it would cost to notarize (formally witness) a simple one-page statement letter I will compose myself. Anyone have experience with this here who could advise me a bit?

Hey, maybe it's all actually pretty easy, based on this Protected content
and this Protected content
So just 19,40€ for the three letters? More attractive than 120€!

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