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DANCEJAM - for dancers & co. (Vienna)

!! IMPORTANT !! The date of the event is just conventional, more information below.

Are you a dancer, an ex-dancer, a hobby dancer, a born dancer? Do you feel like expressing yourself through your body in music and share this with other people with your same passion?

Haven’t you really found a dance class which suits your needs or you just don’t have time for that?

Well, I am trying to launch a new free time project for you.

The idea is to build a group of international people meeting once a week to dance together, every week with a new routine/choreographer from the group, seen as a great opportunity to learn new steps and styles, nevertheless to socialize and to respond with creativity to the hustles of work, university or any other stressful factor of the everyday life.

WHO suits the project?
Everyone Protected content a great passion for dance and some experience (please don’t misunderstand: your experience won’t be tested, it’s an open group, it’s just about being able to build dance routines pretty quickly, that is why it wouldn’t be ideal for beginners). Mainly HIP HOP and MODERN JAZZ, other styles or “fusion” styles are welcome: that’s innovation! Ideally Protected content .

WHEN are the meetings going to be?
This has to be decided as a group. First of all I would like to see how many react to the initiative. If we have enough participants, we will rent a dance studio for the first GET-TO-KNOW-MEETING and discuss the rest, starting from fall (September-October). The idea is to meet once a week, not necessarily always on the same day or at the same time (to make it flexible for people with different jobs - I work myself with shifts at any time of the day and the night).

HOW MUCH does it cost?
This depends on the dance studio. There are studios which cost Protected content . A two hour-session with ideally 10 participants, could consequently cost about 5 € per person, so hypothetically 20 € a month. Moreover, if we find a studio which gives us a “subscription”, we might have a flat price rate.

Every week one group member prepares a dance routine for the rest of the group, the other learn it during the session. Next week, next choreographer, next routine.

“Hi, my name is” / we dance together to music brought by everyone / we discuss the details.

WHY do I do this?
Because I think there is nothing like dancing to do all of these things at the same time: staying fit, enjoying music, enjoying people, feeding your soul, having fun. Because I haven’t been dancing regularly for a long time now and I miss all those things a lot. Because I believe in the potential of art to bring people from the most different backgrounds together and enjoy themselves.

Interested? Curious?

React to this post and then write an e-mail to: Protected content , telling a bit about yourself, your dance background and why you’d like to join the project.

Not interested? Thank you for reading, anyway. :)


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