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Difficulty with finding work Banking/Finance (Vienna)

Hi All

I am currently working as a contractor in Wien in Financial Services, more specifically in the area of Anti Money Laundering, Sanctions and compliance. My working career has predominantly been in this sector and I have been very fortunate to have been employed for most of my working life!!

My current contract is due to come to an end shortly so planning ahead I decided to submit a small number of applications for the various advertised roles in the various banks around the city.

I am disappointed to say that I have been knocked back immediately on all of my applications at the very first stage!!

I am NOT fluent in German but am taking lessons. Having said that, I have always found that in banking English is the universal language regardless.

I can confidently say I could go back to Ireland/UK tomorrow morning and walk straight into another job without issue.

I can't quiet figure out what the issue might be?? Is it the language issue, favour for locals over foreigners? my age? my hair colour haha (as it is necessary to send in a pic with your CV)!!

Has anyone else experienced this or an opinion?

I really wish to stay working in the banking sector but also need to continue to earn. My concern also is that If I am having such trouble securing work in an area I have huge experience in how on earth can I get work in another sector if it becomes necessary for me to do that?

Thanks for any comments/opinions/advice :)

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