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Dog lovers! (Vienna)

Dear dog lovers,

You want a dog - but you don´t dare to take one?

We are looking for someone, who wants to take care of our dog. Ideal for people working from home most times!

In more detail: our dog doesn´t stay alone at home - so we are looking for someone, who wants to take him mornings till lunchtime/early afternoon during the week. He is pretty easygoing - so after a nice morning walk he will sleep or entertain you (-: At the same time he will accompany you - if you like outdoor activities/walks.

Of course your expenses will be covered.

Ideal would be a new friend for Max, who is living close to the Vienna city center. Meeting times are early-so we are looking for someone, who can reliably meet around 7.30 am in the morning Mon-Fri!
If you feel like having him around in addition at other times (e.g. week-end for activities) we can also discuss this.

As we didn´t always have the best experiences with " professional"dog sitters so far - we hope to find someone, whose motivation is driven by the love for dogs/animals.

Max will be happy to hear from you!
Find his photoes on my profile