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Entrepreneurs&Freelancers-Advice Please!-RWR Card (Vienna)

Looking for advice from freelancers or self-employed 3rd country nationals on successfully maneuvering through immigration, the AMS and RWR Card requirements. I want to start up a writing and communications consulting company in Austria. Start-up costs are minimal, I have potential clients and letters of support from local businesses, but I can't hire anyone until the 2nd or 3rd year of operation. The BH has said that - if offered the same job from a local company - I would be granted permission to work and the RWR card. They have also indicated that my experience is enough to run the company, and that the business plan is viable. However, they have said that my company is too small to be granted approval. I'm looking for advice from freelancers and entrepreneurs from countries outside of the EU who have experience gaining approval from the BH and AMS to work either as a freelancer or to start their own small business in Austria. Any information, advice or relevant opinions are welcome. Thank you!

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