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EVENT 17.10.2011: Looking for Intern. Speakers! (Vienna)

Dear Expatriates / Impatriates,

Headquarters Austria Protected content is an independent dialogue platform that represents the interests of ALL regional Headquarters settled in Vienna/Austria. The measures we implement are lobbying activities, different events and researches as well as networking. Till now all Events/Projects have been conducted in German. However we want to expand the network of our members and involve also all international Managers in Vienna who does not speak or speak only a little German. Therefore we plan the event:

*"International Managers of Headquarters: Doing Business WITH/IN Vienna "* on *October 17th Protected content . All headquarters-managers are invited as guests in order to have a better insight into the activities of the platform.

Here comes my request:
As speakers will be invited:
1. One Expatriate (not German speaking)
2. One Expatriate (German Speaking)
3. One Impatriate (Austrian, who came back to Vienna after a period abroad)

These will report on their personal experience and will give advice to the rest of the audience.

If you are an International Manager (Ex-or Impatriate) who would like to report at this event, or if you know somebody who meets these requirements and would have an interest in participation, I would be glad to here from you till Tuesday, 20. September.

You can write to: Protected content

Thanks in advance for reading this message and for your potential interest in participation.

Irina Sofranova

Vienna Forum