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Golden job (Vienna)

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We are looking for people that want to become financial manager and selling our gold savings service.

Why gold? Well it's enough to look at the charts of gold worth in past 20 years and see that gold is only secure savings.

Bank accounts, life savings give you between 0,25% and 1.75% intrests, and inflation in Austria is 1.70% and that means this:

You have Protected content
After one year bank will give you maximum of Protected content so you have Protected content .
But Austria has tax on income of 25%, so you will have Protected content .
Inflation is 1.7% and that means that you are ending every year with a loss of Protected content .

And not everyone will get 1.75% interest rate.

Is it ok that you give a bank your Protected content and they pay you back Protected content ?

Is it ok that you can buy with Protected content nice car today and in 10 years of savings you can only buy a bicycle?

Of course not, but bankers won't tell you that.
Every information that I have told you here you can check online or with someone that knows more than you.

Gold is safe, secure and always available. Contact us today and start saving smart for your children, house or any other life goal that you want.

Contact me here or on my facebook account and we can arrange a meeting in our Vienna offices.
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