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Great Opportunity for the Women of Europe! (Vienna)

The weekend of October Protected content , Protected content is a very special event. The Awaken Women Conference, in Bern, Switzerland. It is a weekend conference for women (sorry guys, but you can always let the favourite lady in your life know) to help them become their greatest potential. And personally I think this is a fantastic opportunity.

I have noticed in the last few years pockets of women around the world talking about the need to return the feminine essence back into our world, especially the business world. And it is interesting as none of these pockets are connected yet they all have the same message.

Our business world is dominated by the masculine energies and so far our poor earth has suffered under this influence. To heal our earth we need to balance the masculine with the femine, and then can our poor earth be nurtured back to health. And to do that we as females need to live upto our fullest potential and this weekend is a step in helping us reach that.

Kunbi Korostensky is the founder of the conference, and this is her vision... "To support women in consciously developing and preserving their innate intuitive power with trust and confidence maintaining feminine excellence and awareness." This is a powerful and inspiring vision, and to be part of this conference and supported by Kunbi's vision is to be nurtured and blessed all in one.

I was recently privileged to meet Kunbi. She is a remarkable and beautiful lady. She is determined that as women we need to work together to bring back the femine and is excited in being able to offer this event, bringing together some remarkable women speakers, leaders and experts to help us all achieve that. And because of the strength of her vision I have decided to attend.

If you do one thing this year, check out this event. It will be a weekend you will not forget.

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And if you want to ask me any questions I will try to help. Contact Dawn at Protected content

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