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Hauswerwaltung and Wien Energie (Vienna)

I was wondering if this was a common situation.

I am about to give up my keys for an apartment I was renting. I made all the necessary arrangements such as forwarding post to new address etc. I also notified Wien Energie to cancel my contract.

However, the Hauswerwaltung 'Wariwoda und Richter' insisted that I should not do that and they will contact Wien Energie themselves to call in my final reading and to cancel my contract.

I phoned Wien Energie to cancel my 'cancellation' but they suggested to keep my cancellation to ensure that I do not pay additional charges past Oct. 31st.

Has anyone ever had to rely on the Hauswerwaltung to cancel their Wien Energie? Is this normal practice? Can I loose my caution if I do cancel my Wien Energie?

Would love any info,

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