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Health care labyrinth - need help! (Vienna)

Hallo Internations community!
Would love any information please!

Although, I am insured with SVA and GKK, it seems one can receive more immediate care through the private doctors.

Yesterday, I sustained a knee injury that required me to go to the hospital. AKH. They took X-Rays and told me to contact my General Practitioner to set up an appointment for an MRI. After getting the results from the MRI, I am suppose to return to the hospital with the info

-Why? Can I receive a recommendation for a specialist from the AKH and not have to pay for rehab and further treatments?

So the story continues...
I found a GP who then wrote be a form for an MRI examination. I then need to bring this form to GKK for approval (Yes, so simple when one is hobbling about in crutches and not weight bearing on one leg!). The labyrinth continues...Then I would have to phone around to book an appointment with waiting times about 4 weeks!

So I also checked with a private sports clinic and they booked me an appointment with an MRI on Tuesday. Apparently, this is covered by GKK. The clinic will organize the "approval" from GKK for me. I asked to book an appointment with the doctor in the private clinic as well which I have to pay Protected content .

-Does anyone know if I can just go to the MRI clinic and not have to see the private doctor? Although, information from a specialist might just be worth the investment.

- Will Reheb with a physiotherapist be covered by SVA or GKK? I am a dance teacher at a University so need to be up and active right away!!!

-Are any of these expenses such as rehab or visits to private doctors partially covered by GKK or SVA?

Thank you for taking the time to read all way down and hopefully even provide some insight!


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