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Help me choose a bank (Vienna)


I want to open a bank, I'm aware of the information that I need to bring to open the account itself, but the problem for me is that I'm not sure which bank to choose.

I've heard that there are the normal banks which have offices around austria and then there are banks which are virtual that have no offices, although in this case I'm not sure how to open the account.

Then there are the charges and pitfalls of choosing certain banks, for example some charge high rates, others have problems with direct debits (Erste for example, I've been told you cannot cancel DB's on your account, unlike every other bank I know, although this might not be accurate, it was "coffee talk"), or another bank might not allow international transfers, which is annoying.

So, which bank did you choose, what are the rates you know of, what are the problems you had, what are the benefits you found and why would you choose the one you did, or the one you would choose, if you could/would change?

Thanks in advance!

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