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JAMADEMY-regenerative music making! (Vienna)

Here’s a scenario i’ve witnessed over the years: many of my (now) corporate friends used to play guitar, piano, bass or drums or maybe saxophone or trumpet – and some of them used to sing. Then a great job opportunity presented itself and they chose to go for it and pursue a career in the corporate world. Fair enough I thought-it makes all the sense in the world-even to me, a professional musician and educator.
Now and again though my friends tell me, they are wondering what it’d would be like to get back into it. “It’d be nice to have a musical outlet “, they tell me,” but practicing or playing in a band is just not possible with my work schedule.”

Does this sound familiar to you? Can you relate to it? Do you have the secret wish to rekindle the musical fire in you? Do you want to get back to that place of musical passion that used to be a part of you and made you feel on top of the world?

I have good, or maybe even great news for you! It is all possible and you can make it fit your work schedule. And it will make you even more productive, because music will do what it did back then for you-make you feel great and inspire you!

So here it is: Jamademy!-a meet-up group, consisting of those of you who want “it” back. We meet on Saturday afternoons at the newly completed Musikraum in the 15th district (close to Westbahnhof)-great studio/equipment and a few professional musicians will contribute with helpful pointers to some fun and informal music making.
If you’re interested please send me a quick reply and I happily provide you with further details.

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